Phantom System



Optional Parts

~ADEM phantom system developed for ease of use~

Innovatively by the pursuit of ultimate usability. Allowing both instructors and students to prepare easily and quickly before the class beside its outstanding features.

~One-touch operation – Mounting~

Unique quick mounting and demounting mechanism enable easiest and quickest checking and grading in occlusion. PHrelease

~Mouth opening can be set to any volume required ~

sys_3 kaikou Opening volume can be freely set by raising or lowering the rear bar.

~One-touch operation – Demounting~

 To remove the Jaw Models, just press the release knob.

〜 Free choice of mounting system 〜


Desk and Dental chair



Training environment is different. ADEM system is available with many component options to meet your specifications. Please choose any parts combined together with Phantom head.

~Mask Frame built in the head~

Mask frame is built in the head, removal and installation of the rubber mask is completed in a short period of time without any problem. PHmask

〜 Balll Joint can be reproduced in any angle desired 〜

Ball joint is rotated 360 degrees, it can be set freely by the positonal relationship between the head and a trainee.



Head angle can be adjusted to the left and right. 360lr Angle of the occlusal plane can be adjusted. 360ub