Simple Manikin Kit



Optional Parts

~ADEM Simple Manikin-easy to prepare and store~

Recommended to those who don’t want to have phantom head functions, 
but want to have a simple system for in-office staff training or self-study. 
This can be stored easily in a case after use.


~Three-step mounting for locking jaw models~


<Step 1>
Screw into the metal plate attached to the upper jaw.


<Step 2>
Insert the pole into the articulator hole and tighten the wing screw attached to the articulator tightly.


<Step 3>
Stopper at lower part of the articulator should be strongly pressed until the stopper holds the pole completely.

〜 Locking mechanism ( Lower jaw stopper) Patent applied 〜

lockingL locking

Locking device attached to the articulator has an unique self-locking function. 
There’s no need of additional parts to lock the opening position. 
Only push the locking device toward the pole to lock. 
For releasing, just push the articulator arms in front.

〜 Portable case for simple manikin kit 〜