Periodontal Disease Model


DEPER-001 2x natural-size lower jaw model with periodontal disease
deper_001_r2_c2_f4 Dental calculus is placed and toothbrushing abrasion on the left, demonstrating from early stage of perio dontal disease to advanced stage.

Left side
Wedge-shaped defect
Lower left 7th tooth is half-sectioned to show enamel, dentin and dental pulp.

Right side
Advanced stage of gingivitis←Early stage of gingivitis

deper_001_r5_c6 deper_001_r5_c8


DEPER-002 2x natural-size perio dontal disease demonstration model
deper_002_r2_c2_f2 deper_002_r2_c2 Each quadrant demonstrates gingivitis stages to make patients understand clearly about the progression of periodontal disease. This also can be used for instructing how to brush teeth correctly.

Upper right
Moderate stage

Gingivae is retracted accompanied by bone atrophy. This creates calculus and a space at the interdental papilla.




Upper left
Minor stage

Inflamed gingivae and calculus placed supragingivally, having tooth abrasion on #3.




Lower Right
Severe stage

Alveolar bone is destroyed. Pulp is exposed and much volume of calclus.

deper_002_r2_c2_f6 deper_002_r2_c2_f7

Lower left
Healthy condition

#1 and #7 are removable half-sectioned teeth showing enamel, dentin and pulp.


DEPER-003 Enlarged toothbrush


DEPER-004 Perio dontal disease and tooth disease model
deper_004_r2_c2 deper_004_r2_c2_f2

Oversized half-sectioned model, featuring pulp necrosis, pulp gangrene, infected root canal, root canal treatment done after pulpectomy, pulpitis caused by fracture and bone atrophy and gingival retraction by periodontal disease.

On buccal side, featuring moderate to severe stage of periodontal disease, root furcation of 2nd molar is exposed with deposition of dental calculus by bone atrophy and gingival retraction.