Orthodontic Series


ORT-KIT-1 Orthodontic Typodont Kit
Components: ORT-002 Orthodontic Typodont
ORT-WAXC1-1 Wax Form Class 1
SIM-MT Metal Teeth 28 pcs


Basic Kit has ORT-WAXC1-1 Wax Form Class 1


ORT-KIT-3 Orthodontic Typodont Kit for Mini-Implant Practice
Components: ORT-002 Orthodontic Typodont
ORT-WAXC1-2 Wax Form mini-implant practice
SIM-MT Metal Teeth 28 pcs
Partially made of transparent
hard resin portion for
embedding mini-implant.
Anteriors and 1st. bicuspids
portion is soft wax form.
ORT-KIT-3-1 arrow ORT-KIT-3-2
Embedding mini-implant in the middle of upper left 2nd.
Bicuspid and 1st.  molar in order to have traction
of anteriors with mini-implant anchorage.




ORT-002 Orthodontic Typodont

Simple but ample function for any type of orthodontic training. Upper member is easily adjustable for protrusive and lateral movement comes with mountable articulator.



ORT-WAXC1-1 Wax Form Class 1

Each type of wax form including ideal arch is available. Custom-made wax forms are available by quantity order.



SIM-MT set

Orthodontic metal teeth Two colored with anatomical roots

Anatomically rooted metal teeth overlayed with white resin crown. Each buccal surface has concave indentations for better bonding strength of brackets.



STD28F-UP/BKLA Ortho Demonstration Model with Braces

28 Screw-in teeth with soft gingivae
This comes with Pole Mount Articulator

Suitable tool for in-office training or self study of orthodontic technique. Brackets and wires are pre-set.
Oral Cavity Cover is an option.
Training for ligation, toothbrushing, dental flossing and oral hygiene study under orthodontic treatments.




Bracketing Service

Any brakets can be applied upon request.

An effective tool for demonstration or patient education.
Practical model for practicing of wire bending, ligation technique.
We can engrave the logo or initial or any message on the model base if you send us your art work.

We accept special order by sending us your original orthodontic appliances and advise occlusal condition such as normal or Class I, etc.

For further information, please contact us or our representative.

ort09 ort10 ort08

Apply each transparent brackets to the teeth surface of ideal arch model.

Apply lingual brackets to the model.

Apply each metal brackets and wires to the surface of malocclusion model.

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