Oral Surgery Series

OSI-001 Ope-Trainer for incisional and sutural practice

Ope-Trainer is developed for various incision and suture practice to experience the cutting feeling and suture technique.
Made of three-layer representing the gingivae, periosteum and alveolar bone.
The base is transparent in order to evaluate the results after practice.

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OSI30F-LA002 Oral Surgery Jaw Model


For practicing various oral surgical procedures.
Teeth are fixed in with a soft material representing periodontal ligament.

 osi01-1  osi01-3  osi01-2
  • Pus removal
    Under inflamed gingivae area on the lower right lateral, pus blister with a liquid is provided to practice pus discharge and draining.
  • Impacted tooth extraction
    #38 Wisdom tooth is horizontally embedded to practice bone removal, crown/root division and extirpation.


  • Difficult tooth extraction
    #48 For the practice of gingival incision, desquamation, tooth luxation, curettement and suture.



OSI28F-LA003 Anesthesia Jaw Model


To train infiltration anesthesia.
With soft gingivae facing for repeated training.